Really nervous about this …

Everyone seems to want me to record myself singing Science Fiction Double Feature. People say I have a nice voice and could pull it off but I’m nervous about letting over 1,000 people view it!!!

Love the gif XP

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That’s so cool that they made that! It speaks the truth. I’m glad it made you happy:) Sorry about your throat though. That’s got to suck.

I came back from dinner and that was in my indox. My reaction was pretty much this:

I felt so loved! Oh thank you. Hopefully it will go away soon but I was happy that it didn’t give out when I had to sing Amazing Grace yesterday. I seriously would have cried.

Performed today and actually did quite well under the circumstances.

Now my voice is completely gone … thank you Jonah Philibet

There’s a Wallace And Gromit gif that I love <33

I went to a restraunt yesterday and was sitting with one of my friends

 Next to us was a deaf couple, maybe around 17. The girl looked over at my friend, laughed, and signed to her boyfriend; “He looks a lot like Justin Bieber.”

I can sign so I knew exactly what they said and I just burst out into laughter. My friend doesn’t know how to sign so he was like

So I caught the couples attention (It’s okay to sign back to a deaf couple if they accept the hearing culture) and signed; “We were at the mall and a girl tackled him because she thought he was justin bieber. Peaple are crazy these days.” The two of them laughed and we got into a conversation about how that happened to her friend too.

When we were done with our conversation and went back to our food my friend looked at me cock eyed and asked what we were talking about. I simply responded with “Oh nothing” and he responded with;