21 Jump Street

  • Rachel: So, how do enjoy police work?
  • Tom Hanson: Well, I grew up around it. In fact, my father was a cop.
  • Rachel: A whole family of cops then?
  • Tom Hanson: I think it has something to do with inbreeding.
"Do you see this?
N-Y-P-D means I will knock your punkass down!"
— Will Smith aka J in MIB

Spent My Whole Day Doing Make-Up For Bye Bye Birdie … This Was How My Day Started:

I got into the school and since the door was already open, a few friends and I went in to turn on all the lights and get ready for the play. So we open the doors and then all the sudden the alarm to the school goes off! So we’re like:

So then the janitor comes and shuts off the alarm and tells us the cops are going to come and to just start doing people’s make-up and everything’s fine. We start on that and then one of the actresses is sick, and one kid hurt his leg, and then I’m told the hair dresser isn’t showing up so I have to do all the hair and make-up for the cast (which means I have 3 costumes changes and then I have men going as women and going back to men again). So by the end of the night I was like:


Because I was sooooo overtired and annoyed but then realized I had to go to the cast party after … . but by the end of the night I was ttly out of it and realized I had a great time because the cast part was like this:

Moral Of The Story: There are sensors in my school … think twice about breaking in and if you want to do theatre make-up/hair … think twice about it.