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Almost to Sarasota, FL

Currently in Atlanta and boy do people know when you’re from New England.

'Hey, you have the Boston accent. Do you say wicked and kahhh?'

Anonymous sent: Oh my God. Your tags for josh being your favorite band member are so cute! The one that says you have a better chance of marrying your favorite band member than winning the lottery. # SO IF I MARRY JOSH I WON'T WIN THE LOTTERY and # HE MEANS MORE TO ME THAN ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. Gahhhhh I ship you guys

*Laughs* I ship us too, anon. I do adore his music and he is by far my favourite band member. He holds my heart and of course means more to me than money.

Be well, kind and enthusiastic soul,



Fun Fact: You have a better chance of marrying your favorite band member than winning the lottery and if that doesn’t brighten of your day then I don’t know what will

"your full name without an E,F,R,S,K,I,M,L,C,A,Y,N"

I am, ‘XD TO BOW’ now. This is my new alias. Fucked up laughing face to bow. XD 2 l>o<l

  • Boyfriend: You know, you always say you'll stand behind me unless I become a serial killer and yet you watch so many murder shows and your favourite character is Hannibal Lecter.
  • Me: *Shrugs* I find it strangely fascinating.
  • Josh: I'm sorry I'm not a serial killer.
  • Me: Normal people don't say that.
  • Josh: We're not normal.
  • Me: That we are not.

I need to paint one last wall and the paint smells like a mix of asshole, spoiled eggs, and vomit … . best option is to get an old mask and say ‘fuck it, it needs to get done’

Jamming out to Oingo Boingo and Aerosmith while cleaning the apartment. Not a bad day.

tumbledownhaven said: ugh I’d cast you

Thank you :3

… just realized this with my family