I tried to scroll past this, but I just had to scroll back up and reblog.


Agent J: I’m an agent of Men in Black, but I’m from the future. We’re partners, twenty-five years from now you’re going to recruit me. And 14 years after, the guy you DIDN’T let me kill at Coney Island he escapes from prison, and jumps back in the past and unleashes a full-scale invasion of Earth. We have about 19 hours to catch him and kill him, so really we need to go right now!
Young Agent K: [deadpan] All right.

Woah, okay, we got other stuff!

  • Andy Warhol: Dammit K, trying to blow my cover?
  • Agent J: Whoa, Andy Warhol's one of US?
  • Andy Warhol: Who's the dumbass?
  • Agent J: You know, I'd have no problem pimp-slapping the shiznit out of Andy Warhol.
"Do you see this?
N-Y-P-D means I will knock your punkass down!"
— Will Smith aka J in MIB
"It just be rainin’ black people in New York."
— Will Smith aka J in MIB