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"People like this guy *points to asshole writing ‘The Rocky Horror Satan Show’ … this ‘Christian’ … they’re the ones that are going to hell. Meanwhile, I’m going to be chilling up there with the pimp called ‘God’, and he’s going to teach me how to skateboard because he’s a badass."
— Mimi
"I’m shedding like a fucking cocker spaniel."
— Mimi
"You wanna feel good? SUCK IT UP"
— Mimi applying aloe to Sydney

That porn skit got to him . . . .

  • Me: Watch Mimi glue herself to me on my eighteenth birthday because she doesn't want 'things' to happen . . . watch her do it.
  • Z: That's a stupid idea. It's like two for the price of one.
  • Me: ZEPHYR!
  • NO!
  • Mimi's mine . . . you can't have her.

I love these photos.

Mimi and I dancing last night

Mimi and I dancing last night

Just a few photo’s from tonight’s party

Mimi and Jonah.
Happy Birthday, lovely.

Mimi and Jonah.

Happy Birthday, lovely.

Photos from ‘The Devil’s Carnival’ last night. It was fantastic and I’m sure I’ll write up all that happened soon enough.

(The photos outside my bathroom belong to ‘the devil’s carnival’)

"Squeak, squeak, I’m a chinchilla. Squeak, squeak chinchilla noises."
— Mimi
  • Mimi: Just because you were on the other end of the line doesn't mean I was talking to you.
  • Me: Okay.
  • Mimi: Yes, I'm sorry.
  • Well, you could be talking to your mum or your dad or your chinchilla . . . I don't know why I said that, but they are cute and roll around in sand to get clean, but doesn't that make them dirtier? I don't know where they get all this sand because they need water, and if they don't have water they will die and there will me no more chinchillas. They kind of look like rats, but I don't care.

My best friend is like 'drunk tired'

  • Me: I love you.
  • Mimi: I like penises.
  • Soft like a kitten.
  • I don't think I would be so rough with a kitten.
  • Kittens are nice.
  • I like rubbing kittens tummies.
  • I don't want a fluffy penis.
  • I don't want a penis at all.
  • I like kittens.
  • Get me a cat
  • I want a fat orange
  • I'd name it Gordon.
  • And then he'd be sad because Hilary Duff just had her baby with someone else. With a hockey player. And my Mummy said that she married a hockey player because she must like it rough. And then I was like eww Mummy and then I drank more of my soda.