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"I bet you rejected a vision and that’s why this happened to you terrible psychic."
— Dani
Anonymous sent: Sorry. How large are your partners mammaries?

Due to the fact you were able to get me to laugh, I’ll answer your question.

Her bra size is a DD. But that’s not what I pay attention to … obviously. She’s just amazingly beautiful personality wise as well as in many other aspects. And if she reads this; Baby, all your facial parts are in the right places.

She’s beautiful though;


Had amazing night with such an amazing girl <3

Had an amazing night with my girlfriend

I was able to meet some of her wonderful friends while we went off to see a game. It was great fun.

In Regards To Dani’s Anon;

You need to back the fuck off.

You stalk and message every single person I date and I’m fucking sick of it! It’s been going on for a year now, and you need to just leave. You’ve basically presented that you’re in love with me and that every person I date is out to get me. Yes, I will agree that some of my exes were bad to me, and just bad in general, but honestly?

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I absolutely suck at wrapping presents, but this is the box my girlfriend’s birthday present is inside of.

I have the most amazing girlfriend

When I have my car, whenever you feel like this, I will drive to your school and wait at the door with a pumpkin spice latte and a smile reminding you that if I didn’t want to be with you, I wouldn’t be. I’m with you because you’re one of the prettiest and smartest, and most inspiring people I know and that I am so very lucky to have you.’

I am honestly in tears with how much love I feel at the moment. How did I get so lucky?